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Barcelona wants to sign Messi or Bernardo Silva

Lionel Messi

Joan Laporta wants Barcelona to sign Lionel Messi or Bernardo Silva, according to Diario Sport.

According to the source, the management of the Catalan club wants to sign another world-class star.

In this regard, Barcelona want to either bring back Lionel Messi, who is currently playing for PSG, or sign Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva.

Barcelona are keen to sign Messi or Silva in the winter as long as the club are free from La Liga spending restrictions, but the club understand that is unlikely in January.

Barcelona can activate the last possible financial leverage by selling the rights to the Barca Licensing and Merchandising (BLM) division, which is responsible for selling shirts, mugs and other souvenirs.

In this regard, Barcelona wants to prepare financially for the summer and believes that it will be able to reach a financial state in which the transfer of Messi or Silva will be possible.

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