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TOP-10 transfers of Serie A clubs in the summer of 2022

Paulo Dybala

Italy usually does not please us with so many expensive transfers with crazy money, as, for example, England. And at the same time, every year Italian football is strengthened by new interesting performers, and sometimes sensational transitions occur within Serie A itself.

Today we have the most exquisite desserts. People who are called to make Italian football tastier and better, who changed their club registration this summer.

10. Sergino Dest (from Barcelona to Milan on loan with the right to buy)

Sergino Dest

One of the most unexpected transfers. Rumors about Dest were at the expense of Manchester United, but not Milan, which the American joined on the last day of the transfer window.

A serious injury to Alessandro Florenzi played its role here. It is unlikely that the Rossoneri would take a third right-back, especially considering their ability to count money. And so — a forced measure.

Davide Calabria is currently the undisputed number one right wingback, but the 21-year-old has all the qualities to at least compete for the right to play in the starting eleven. A busy calendar and hard work in training will definitely make themselves felt.

The debut, by the way, happened. In the Champions League game against Salzburg, Dest replaced you know who during the game.

9. Andrea Belotti (from Torino to Roma as a free agent)

Andrea Belotti

For many years, Andrea Belotti was a symbol of the word “overtime” in Italian football. Okay, shared the first step with Domenico Berardi.

Torino had the opportunity to make big money on Belotti, for example in the summer of 2017, when Andrea scored 26 goals in Serie A. Or later in each transfer window. However, Torino was constantly waiting for a better offer than those available and considered Belotti vital to the team.

As a result, the forward left for free at the age of 28, without becoming an icon of the club. Andrea joined Roma only at the end of the transfer window (waiting for the departure of Shomurodov, who remained in Rome), twice came on as a substitute, but did not score yet.

And the striker’s status in the team is not very good at the moment – the second forward, who has to wait for Abraham’s replacement or the need to go all-in. Something familiar, right?…

And Torino, as time has shown, plays well even without Belotti. Just now, no one will offer the “bulls” money for him.

8. Charles De Quetelare (from Bruges to Milan for 32 million euros)

Charles De Quetelare

And it’s not even about the fact of the transition, but about the hype of the whole action around it. Well, in the very fact of a full-fledged transfer for money, which you will not see in our top.

Milan fought for a long time for the opportunity to sign the 21-year-old talent, Brugge resisted it for a long time. Also, De Quetelare was on the pencil of Leeds, but the player himself wanted to go to the club from the “capital of fashion”, giving in to the financial conditions.

Texture, technique, speed, passing, a beautiful left foot — all this is in Charles’ arsenal. In terms of diversity among players plus or minus his role, he can only compete with Lazio’s Sergey Milinkovich-Savych, if we talk about Serie A. And huge prospects are visible on the near horizon.

As of now, De Quetelare played 6 matches in the “red and black” shirt (half of which were from the start) and was distinguished by one goal assist to Raphael Leao. It was in the match against Bologna.

7. Arkadiusz Milik (from Marseille to Juventus on loan for 800,000 euros with the right to buy for 7 million + 2 bonuses)

Arkadiusz Milik

A transfer that perfectly characterizes this year’s Juventus summer. The club boldly signs a very high-quality player on the bench, perfectly understanding the length and complexity of the season.

Milik is an older and more traumatized Vlahovic. But at the same time, he is a man who goes out and scores absolutely every time he is at his best. With goals against La Spezia and Fiorentina, the Pole perfectly answered all the skeptics, which is why he is returning to Serie A.

It is unlikely that Arek will regularly play in a pair with Vlahovic. Let’s repeat, they are identical football players in their style. They won’t be able to complement each other like Vlahovic and Morata could, and Juventus’ match against PSG proved that.

However, Allegri has received so many options at his disposal that he will never have the right to whine about personnel problems. Even when the injury situation in Turin is as sad as it is right now.

6. Leandro Paredes (from PSG to Juventus on loan with the right to buy)

Leandro Paredes

This 28-year-old Argentine midfielder at Juventus has one calling – to tie the game in the middle of the field. Given the unknown timing of Pogba’s recovery and rather modest confidence in the youth, Massimiliano Allegri needed a player with such a plan as air.

Paredes already has experience in Serie A, having played for Chievo, Roma and Empoli. Moreover, in the state of “wolves” he had far from the last status. PSG, in turn, became this stop for the Latin American, where he became a real European top.

Leandro was signed by Turin in the last days of the transfer window and has already managed to get on the field twice. It is immediately clear that the trust on the part of Allenatore is insane.

5. Angel Di Maria (from PSG to Juventus as a free agent)

Angel Di Maria

When a 34-year-old football player comes to the championship to make a huge difference, it is a big problem for the tournament. Especially when it comes to a player who did not play a leading role in his previous club.

Di Maria showed himself in the match of the first round against Sassuolo. Goal, assist, participation in beautiful combinations, excellent ability to lead the game. It was clear that the Argentinian was simply enjoying the game. Whether we will see something similar at the level of Inter or Napoli is a big question, but it is no reason not to note the obvious.

And then the injury happened. Di Maria managed to come back and play against Spezia and Fiorentina, but he didn’t give any more extravagance. And then he again had to miss the match against his former team PSG in the Champions League…

4. Jorginho Wijnaldum (from PSG to Roma on loan with the obligation to buy in case of reaching the Champions League)

Jorginho Wijnaldum

Another high-quality reinforcement of “Gialorossi”. If Dybala is an idea in attack, then Wijnaldum is thought, creativity and reactivity in the midfield. Actually, the thing without which Dybala, Zaniolo, Abraham and Belotti will not receive the ball.

The Dutchman was a top player at Liverpool, but became one of many footballers who made the mistake of moving to PSG. The new project in Roma is a great chance to rehabilitate his career, but fate has decided that Wijnaldum needs to undergo another rehabilitation first. Having played only one match against Salernitana, the Dutchman broke his leg in training and will miss about six months.

So sorry. Although if the partners do not fail and go to the Champions League, Jorginho will play in the Eternal City for a long time. He himself will be able to help them in this only in the final part of the championship.

3. Paul Pogba (from Manchester United to Juventus as a free agent)

Paul Pogba

In 2016, Pogba returned to the club that played a huge role in his upbringing and development as a footballer. In 2022, he returns to the place where he declared himself as a world-class star.

Paul’s career really went a little wrong when he decided to leave the north of Italy. Even being the main player of Manchester United, he never managed to become a player there, without whom it is impossible to imagine red Manchester. And this, let’s note, is not the best time for the club.

In his second outing for Juve, Pogba has yet to play. The reason is banal – trauma. But the results and the performance of Allegri’s team at the beginning of the season seem to hint that the Frenchman should enter the game as soon as possible.

2. Romelu Lukaku (from Chelsea to Inter on loan for 8 million euros)

Romelu Lukaku

All life is a return. It would seem that it suits Paul Pogba more, but Romelu Lukaku is not far behind him.

As soon as the Belgian returned to Chelsea, he almost immediately began to sing about the desire to return to beautiful Italy and beautiful Inter. And he always passionately confessed his love for Lautaro Martinez – and we won’t argue here, because the duo of forwards seem to have really close friendships.

Lukaku returned to Inter, which has changed for good. In this Inter, there is no longer a coach to whom he was so attached. And a whole year has passed, during which the team “designed” the new style and new approaches of Simone Inzaghi, even if it did not bring the Scudetto. Let’s put it bluntly: only by coincidence.

Romelu started in the old-new club with a goal against Lecce in the first minutes of the game. Then there were 2 more incomplete matches and an injury from which he is currently recovering.

Lukaku’s role in Inzaghi is unlikely to be the same as Conte’s. But he must play his role. Perhaps it was Lukaku that Inter missed for those damn three points last season…

And a separate question is whether Romelu will somehow be able to stay at Inter at the end of the season. Judging by everything, so far there is only a verbal agreement on this.

  1. Paulo Dybala (from Juventus to Roma as a free agent)
Paulo Dybala

Dybala’s move from Juventus to another Italian club this summer was an obvious phenomenon. The only question is that Inter Milan was considered the favorite for the Argentine.

However, everything turned out quite differently. Inter brought back Lukaku, Dybala chose a club where thousands of people would meet him at the Coliseum, not an airport administrator. He chose fame and a guaranteed opportunity to become number 1 in the team. And he chose Jose Mourinho, who managed to find the right words.

Paulo has already managed to play 5 matches for the new team, score 2 goals and give 1 assist. It is too early to draw conclusions, but in Roma he definitely has much more opportunities to be more than just “one of”.

Interesting transfers that did not make it to the top 10

Matteo Pessina (from Atalanta to Monza on loan with the obligation to buy if he keeps his residence in Serie A)

Monza is one of the main newsmakers this summer in Italian football. First, the team entered Serie A with a declaration of incredible ambitions, almost reaching the title of the Champions League, then they had a wonderful transfer window, and to top it off… they started worse than anyone.

You can talk billions of times about the complex calendar, restructuring, changes in the composition and so on, but in Lecce and Cremonese, similar processes also took place – just on a different level. Both the game and the result differ for the better.

Pessina stands out among all newcomers of the “Biancorossi” status. One way or another, it’s not every day that a person who recently scored in the 1/8 Euros joins the ranks of a newcomer to Serie A. And an additional “highlight” is that Mateo is a native of a small town-suburb of Milan, a pupil of Monza, and now also the captain of the team. So, let’s go, Bonucci-style!

Matteo Pessina

At the beginning of the season, Pessina was injured and so far has played only 3 matches in the “red and white” colors, while only against his former team, Atalanta, he started from the first minutes.

Alessio Romagnoli (from Milan to Lazio as a free agent)

The interesting thing about this transition is the fan sympathies of the ex-captain of Milan, which he never hid. As a pupil of Roma, Alessio has been a fan of Lazio since childhood. And everyone knew about this for a long time, including the management of the Roman club, which for the first time in a long time held a more or less decent transfer window.

“Finalmente” – said the 27-year-old defender shortly, but no less clearly, upon arrival at the location of the Eagles. Translated as “finally”.

Alessio Romagnoli

In order to realize his long-standing dream, Romagnoli was forced to sit on the bench of Milan, losing his place in the base of the “Rossoneri”. Yes, he remained a leader in the dressing room and the man who lifted the winning trophy at the end of last season, but he lost his former status as a player.

Currently, Romagnoli has started in every Lazio match (and there have been 5 of them) from the opening minutes, and has only been substituted at the end of the game once. By the way, fatal, because the result was a missed ball from Sampdoria.

Samuel Umtiti (from Barcelona to Lecce on loan)

One of the strangest transitions that brought nothing but laughter to my face. Umititi, of course, is still the meme man for Barcelona fans, but the move to the Serie A newcomer with the status of an elevator team was above even their humor.

Samuel Umtiti

Well, it will work for “Gialorossi” (not those!) While in the role of a spare, even with a magnificent presentation.

Luka Jovic (from Real Madrid to Fiorentina as a free agent)

If Barcelona doesn’t really need Umtiti, Jovic does for Real. After a magical game in Eintracht, Luka was never able to find himself.

Let’s note the courage of the Fiorentina management – even after the incident with Vlahovych, it signed the Serbian forward, not fearing similar consequences. At the very least, they may well happen due to the good personal relations of the partners in the national team and the purposeful attention of the Juve management to the most blooming and fragrant violets.

They 24-year-old striker does not fully justify himself. Yes, there was a poker in the debut test match and a debut ball in the first round game against Cremonese, but after that – silence for six games.

However, everything is ahead – the aforementioned Dusan did not shine in Florence from the very beginning either.

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