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It became known how much soccer mediators earned in 2021

Mino Raiola

In 2021, 17,945 player transfers were registered in the Transfer Validation System (TMS).

Of these, 3,545 (19.8%) involved at least one intermediary. In total, soccer agents earned for the year 452 million euros. Clubs in England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Portugal accounted for 77% of all agent payments.

Despite the fact that, globally, the transfer costs of clubs have decreased significantly, the commission payments have not been affected. In fact, they rose by 0.7% over the past year.

For the year 2021, there were 1,287 international transfers, of which at least 300 involved at least one intermediary.

As for women’s soccer, the figures are less global – only 70 transfers per calendar year, 30 of which were made in England (16) and Germany (14).

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